Cheap Business Cards May Come at a Price

Are your discount business cards making You look cheap?

Many online printing services offer cheap printing at prices so low, they may be hard to resist. But remember discount business cards may be of poor quality, printed on flimsy card stock with amateur-looking artwork.

Some cheap business card offers look like a great deal, until you check the specifications. The card stock may be a flimsy 310gsm, or even lower! Using cheaper and/or lighter card stock will reduce the quality of your finished card.

Handing over a business card with a cheaper look and feel may impact negatively on the image you portray to clients…and potential clients.

Discount printing services may also offer free artwork with “unlimited revisions”, but that doesn’t mean the finished design will be clean and pleasant to look at, or accurately portray your branding identity.

So how do you sort through the pile of cheap business card offers to find a true bargain, that won’t cheapen your image?

  • Check the card stock, 420gsm is the premium weight for a business card;
  • Ask what’s included in the price, you may find the discount doesn’t include GST or delivery;
  • View samples of artwork to see if the quality is sufficient for your own needs; and
  • Request some samples by post to truly gauge the quality of the cheap cards on offer.

So when shopping for printing online, check the fine print and ensure you’re really getting the quality and service you need for the discount price.