How to Get Cheap Business Cards For Your Business

Business professionals everywhere need an economical and convenient way to get their face in front of their customers. Fortunately business cards have been around for some time yet entrepreneurs need a good way to get cheap business cards that are still memorable and informative. This article will provide you with a few tips for finding fair prices on bulk business cards, how to keep your order cheap and still impress your clients.

There are several companies online with both well established physical presences like Kinkos and online only presence such as OvernightPrints. Professionals can usually get a better deal in the online market place and also compare prices much more quickly. For example OvernightPrints has a deal of 100 cards for free. Online business cards run the gamut in price yet products online tend to be cheaper than in stores. Depending on what specifically you want on the card the price could be more however this is a good introductory price. The drawback to buying online is that if you don’t know a lot about paper, you won’t really know what the look and feel of the card will be until all 100 of them arrive. If for some reason they are not up to your standard, it will be time consuming and costly to get the order changed.

Kinkos and UPS are both companies that have ventured into the business card industry. They have physical locations as well as an online presence and can provide high quality business cards that are customizable. The benefit here is that you can go into a store, see the actual paper the card will be printed on and even obtain a sample quickly so you know what you are getting. The draw backs are price and selection. Being huge businesses, Kinkos and UPS are able to offer competitive prices however you may end up paying 10% more when you go into a physical location as opposed to buying from another retailer online. Both of these companies have other, primary lucrative businesses so all the companies resources are not focused on making business cards. There may not be as much of a selection as printers or retailers that only do printing jobs of this nature or just printing in general.

No matter where you go, what you put on your cards and the paper they are printed on will greatly affect the price. Heavier stock paper which is thicker and more durable or matte and glossy stocks are far more expensive than typical card stock. While these materials can be flashy and memorable, they may not be worth the expense. Putting too much information on your cards is also more costly and harder for your customers to read. If your design looks more like place mat at the local diner, you should take some info out.

In general, people don’t want to read a bunch of information, especially on a business card. If you are handing your cards out to people you don’t know, they will be more likely to throw it in the trash than agonize through reading it; especially if they are not interested in your product or service. Your name, contact info, email or website and maybe a small photo of yourself or your company’s logo are all that is sufficient for your card. Following these general tips as a guide will allow you to always purchased cheap business cards as well as grow your business.